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Pit Bike Setup Instructions

X-Offroad.com Pit Bike Setup Instructions:

Please follow this guide if you are attempting to setup your pit bike and are unaware of what to do. This is only a guide and ultimately we recommend a motorcycle shop or certified mechanic put the pit bike together. These pitbikes are NOT ready to run out of the box. Adjustments and tuning may be necessary to get them started and is the customers responsibility to make these adjustments. There are several assembly videos on YouTube that can show you how to put it together. Just search for SSR Pit Bike Assembly.

  1. PERFORM AN OIL CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!  Please visit your local motorcycle shop and purchase some 10w40 non-synthetic oil motorcycle oil if the bike you ordered is a 4 stroke. If 2 stroke, please use 2 stroke motorcycle oil to mix with gas. We usually run the 2 stroke bikes with a 40:1 ratio. Please do not use car oil. There is some oil that comes in the engine but this is only if someone accidental turns the bike on. The pit bike should not be run with this oil. We recommend 800cc to 900cc but please use the dip stick.

  2. OIL YOUR AIR FILTER! All air filters require oil to keep them working. If not oiled, your carburetor can get clogged and cause your bike not to run right. Also while you have the air filter off, check the inside of the carburetor so you can get an idea how the choke lever works. Closed flap is choke on, open flap is choke off. Be sure to CLEAN your air filter after EVERY ride. If dirt gets past the air filter, you will destroy your engine.

  3. Breaking-In the Engine: Try not to run at a constant RPM for an extended amount of time. Also try not to put any large loads (hills or trails) within the first 10 hours. Buy an hour meter to keep track of the hours on your pit bike.

  4. Check the Entire Pit Bike!   The pit bike is pretty well put together but it is always best to go through the entire bike so that you don't have issues later on. Blue Locktite works well to secure most bolts and can be found just about anywhere. X-Offroad.com will not be responsible for bolts or washers coming loose because they were not secured during break-in.

  5. Use Premium Gas Only! Please use clean fresh gas on your pit bike. Any dirt can fall into old gas tanks and clog the carburetors. Also inspect the inside of the tank to check for debris.

  6. DO NOT TEAR THE PLASTIC OFF THE SEAT! In order to remove the plastic from the seat, the seat must be removed from the motorcycle. If you do not remove the seat, you run the risk of damaging or tearing the seat. We will not be responsible for torn seats if plastic is just torn off.

Other useful tips:

  • Add an inline fuel filter

  • Check Valve Clearances (.003 intake and .004 exhaust)

  • Check Tire Pressure

  • Check for proper Chain Adjustment